Palms Off Gaming Collector's Series TOP LOADER Zip Binder

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It's sleek, it's zipped, it's side-loading and it's bloody brilliant (hopefully read in Ron's voice from Harry Potter).

This is something that has been publicly asked to be done in a premium way since we all have been collecting. We have tested and re-moulded the pages numerous times to get everything perfect, from the fit, to ease of use – even down to that unusual 108 Top Loader capacity (and yes, there is always method to the madness). We are damn proud to introduce you to our Top Loader Zip Binder!


  • Classic Collector's Series textured PU leather finish
  • 108 top loader capacity ( suitable for 35pt Top Loaders  )
  • Durable steel zip, with O-ring to allow for labelling
  • Soft, double-sided pages
  • Side-loading clear matte pockets
  • Polyester felt inside cover
  • Premium microfiber binder cover bag with drawstrings