About Us

PetesPokéLab was founded in October of 2020.

However it all began late in the year of 1998 here in Australia. As a 6 year old, I would get ready for school watching Cheeze TV on Channel 10 trying to watch Ash Ketchum travel the Kanto region with Brock and Misty trying to obtain all 8 Kanto Gym badges. Most mornings my mum would be heard yelling in the background " Pete we've gotta go, you’ll be late for school again! “

I remember, I would come home from school and get all my homework done early so I could pull out my Pikachu Edition Gameboy Colour and play my Pokémon Blue! Both which I still own today!

When the Base set and later Jungle and Fossil were released, I always remembered when my parents would take my younger sister and I to our local shopping centre to get some packs chasing that Charizard Pull! After countless packs that Charizard was eventually pulled and I ended up completing the Base set aswell as the Jungle set. Fossil, I fell short unfortunately! 

As I grew up and life changed I’ve always dipped in and out of Pokémon. I have amassed a large collection of PokéCenter plushes and many other cool items over the years. I have played Pokémon GO since day 1 of the release and was one of the first players in my local area of Sydney to reach level 40! 

In the first few days of August, 2020 my parents asked me come over and assist them emptying the family homes attic for renovations they're doing. Thats when I found both my Pokémon binders and a large zip lock bag containing hundreds more Base, Jungle, Fossil, Promos, Rocket and Neo series cards. My childhood flashed before my eyes going through everything I collected as a 6/7 year old. I thought it was thrown out just like most peoples collections. My parents had fond memories watching us open packs and thought maybe they'd be worth something one day and couldn't bare to throw them out.. THANKS MUM AND DAD!

Later that day I went down to my local hobby stores / dept stores looking to take that nostalgic trip back down memory lane. Only to find everything sold out! Darkness Ablaze was about a fortnight away so I bought what Rebel Clash I could find. 

Over the coming month, I found stores completely selling out and people opting to chase what ever product they could find on classifieds and marketplaces at raised prices. That is when I decided I needed to create a store where people can buy the latest Pokémon TCG products at retail prices. This thought has now turned into Australia’s newest online Pokémon store and is how Petes Poké Lab came to be!